[vc_row][vc_column][foundry_text_image layout=”box-left” image=”1636″][vc_column_text]Cindi C. Rose isn’t new to stepping out of her comfort zone. Her failures, and unexpected highs as an entrepreneur give her a unique experience that make her fun and exciting to listen to and learn from.

Most importantly, Cindi brings a Relevant & Timely Conversation to the table:

How to create a practice for Emotional Health while pursuing your dreams, and simple systems to Write and Publish a book fast, and use it to amplify your life and business. 

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An engaging talk for students on the importance of mental health. They’ll learn how to manage stress, work, and emotions in the high-intensity digital media-driven world they live in.

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Learn to grind with grace. In this talk I’ll give your guests 3 realistic action steps for conquering imposter syndrome and stress, while hitting their goals in business.

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This talk is for professionals who are ready to share their brilliance with the world through book publishing.

Most people who want to write a book have been hesitating for years. I’ll share with your guests my no-pain writing process to create a book people will love in 90 days or less. I’ll also share how to leverage a book into multiple streams of income.

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