Reesy Floyd Thompson - Ambition Crush Podcast

Reesy Floyd Thompson is an Author, Advocate, and Storytelling Expert. She’s incredible at helping women discover their superpowers, and use their knowledge and experience to create sellable brand stories.

We go deep into our conversation about stories because it’s a part of how we formulate our self-identities. And when we tell ourselves disempowering stories, that we’re not ready, not worth listening to, and not enough, it will affect our lives and our bank accounts. Just by learning to tell new stories and value our experience, we can break free of the cycles we’ve been stuck in and get paid on top of it.

She’s also giving us some info about the League, her Signature Story Bootcamp.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Reesy and if you want to learn more, join her FB Group at

I need to mention that Ashes to Ashes is finally available. I talk about it briefly at the beginning of this episode, but essentially, it’s a transformational journal for anyone going through fear, trauma, or anxiety.

Journaling with intention has been a key factor in my conquering anxiety and getting past things that held me back. This journal is a roadmap for anyone experiencing pain, hardship, or needing to move past a cycle.

You can purchase it at Give Good Juju.