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This book is for the woman with the nagging inner critic that won’t stay out of your head. The woman who’s so concerned with trying to be the perfectly agreeable daughter, wife, girlfriend or mom, that you never gave yourself the space to be a little selfish.

This book is for the woman ready to release the overwhelm of being everything to everyone, so that you can finally be who you truly are, instead.

A spiritual and practical girlfriend’s guide with 20 rituals & exercises to help you let go of fear, find your courage & end the painful inner conflict.

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A mental and spiritual detox.

Sometimes it’s not enough to think positive. Sometimes you have to embrace your negative emotions to overcome them. That’s where this journal comes in.

Ashes to Ashes allows you to rant, vent, blame, and get out everything hurting you. Then slowly progress toward healing.

With 184 pages, 90 writing prompts, and 8 guided emotional healing sections, this journal is designed to help you confront whatever is holding you back from being the person you deeply desire to be.

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