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Hey, I’m Cindi.


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Don’t hide. Shine so hard they can’t deny you.

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Get my #1 Amazon Best Selling Book – Lovely, Brave, and Brilliant

First, here’s who I’m talking to. If you are a mother and a career or business woman, this book is for you. Likewise, if you spend a good portion of your day catering to the agenda of others and you’re sick of it, keep reading.

I know what it’s like to feel as if you’ve lost your sense of self. To know you’ve given up a vital part of your identity.

As a mortal woman in this concrete jungle that we live in, it can feel like your entire life is one big obligation. You’re expected to just keep going and no one realizes that your sanity is hanging on by a thread. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this hard. You just need a new perspective, a bombshell mindset shift, and a few key rituals. You’ve got this. Let’s take your life from mediocre to insanely miraculous.

That NICE GIRL narrative is dead. You’re here to make an impact. Let’s get your confidence and self-worth where it needs to be so we can bring your magic back.