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The best version of you is one decision away.

You can build a life free from anxiety, fear, and overthinking.

Hey you, I’m Cindi.
I help brilliant human beings (aka women) break free from the grips of anxiety, so they can achieve more in their life and business.
I want to see you do things that drive people crazy, wondering what the hell you’re doing.

If you’ve had enough of letting doubt and worry hold you back from achieving your true potential in your career or business, then let’s go.

Cindi C. Rose

I know exactly what you’re going through because I’ve been there. 

Paralyzed from taking action.

A prisoner to an invisible force that no one else seems to understand. Plagued by self-doubt and constant worry about what others will think of you.
You’re not a procrastinator by nature. And you’re a lot more decisive than people really think. But it feels like doubt, fear, and overthinking has been an everpresent shadow lately, causing you to question every decision you make. 
You don’t have to live like this. You are worthy of the life and business you want, and it does not require suffering. It requires you to make a decision. Quickly. 
Choose Yourself. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Today.

Elevate to Increase 

Enough with the anxiety, and procrastinating on your business. You’ve got goals to reach, and it’s time to stop hiding.

Using a combination of EFT, results-based hypnotherapy & transformational coaching, I help my clients release anxiety in a matter of days, at the most a couple of weeks. Then we work together on your goals and vision.

If you’re ready to elevate, I’ve got you!

Available on Kindle

Profound, beautifully written and clearly explained. This book is a pleasure to read.” – Karen L.


Write a New Chapter for your life

You can create the career or business you desire. You can show up audaciously. Your friends, colleagues, and family members will notice a change in you. More importantly, you’ll feel a change in yourself. 

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I don’t entertain or play games. I utilize safe, and proven techniques to help my clients get real results that improve their lives tremendously. In many cases, this work can cause positive changes to their lifestyles, businesses, incomes, and relationships. I take my client’s success seriously.

Together, we work through issues such as self-esteem, confidence, doubt, and anxiety. Afterwards, we get very clear on the goals you have for your career or business. You’ll gain clarity, and have a plan to achieve fast, measurable results. My goal is for you the next version of you to be born. That means increased happiness, better coping skills, and an exponential increase in your business.

You 2.0 is waiting. Let’s write a new chapter to your story. Hell, if you want, we can start a new book.

About Cindi

About Cindi

Entrepreneur since 2010 + Mother of 2 girls + Wife of Wayne Rose + Co-founded a successful 8 figure business + Made and lost lots of money + Previous freelance writer + Got paid but wasn’t good at it + MA in Psychology + Certified in Hypnotherapy + Self-Published Author of a #1 Best Selling Book + Amazing at healing anxiety + Unapologetically imperfect + Bomb Ass Healer & Success Coach