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There’s never a perfect time to go after your goals. Stop procrastinating.

Imagine what your life would be like if you believed completely in your ability to share and monetize your gifts. You’d be confident, self-accepting, happy & prolific. You’d also have a bomb ass bank balance.

Cindi C. Rose

Hey, I’m Cindi. I’m an Author, Transformational Coach, and Creative Strategist.

I help busy women slay fear & procrastination and uncover their unique brilliance, so they can create a simple business using their knowledge, skills, & creativity. 
About Cindi

Ambition Crush – 1 Year Creative Collective Membership

I’m a creator, but I’m also passionate about mental health & emotional intelligence. So this membership is something really special. Here’s what you can expect.

Learn to feel secure in your gifts & share your knowledge & creative projects, without fear of criticism or judgment

Get coaching, feedback, & support so you can create a business that brings you peace of mind and profit

Be a part of an encouraging community of creative, high-vibe women, so that you can become prolific & profitable. 

And more, of course. Ambition Crush opens in 2022. Click below to get on the waitlist. 

Create & Thrive Blueprint

This is a 6-week course that will help you…

Get in the mindset of a winner so you can stop worrying about other people’s opinions & become confidently prolific

Uncover your unique intelligence, get specific with your message, and master how to identify & connect with your target audience

Get my step-by-step blueprint to create and launch your course, book, or program and earn the first $2k or more in your business.

About Cindi C. Rose


Available on Kindle

Profound, beautifully written and clearly explained. This book is a pleasure to read.” – Karen L.

Limitless with Cindi C. Rose

About Cindi

Entrepreneur since 2010 + Mother of 2 girls + Wife of Wayne Rose + Co-founded a successful 8 figure business + Went through enormous financial trauma + Overcome post-partum depression through journaling + Started freelance writer + Got paid but wasn’t good at it + MA in Psychology + Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy + Self-Published Author of a #1 Amazon Self-Help book + Bounced back from Financial Trauma with better money habits and some of my sanity + Unapologetically imperfect + Content Creator + Curriculum Designer + Success Coach