Self-Image Secrets For Feminine Success


Your success does not depend on circumstances, but rather how you view yourself. But so many women don't realize they're constantly surrendering their goals & dreams to their mean inner critics. In this talk, I'm going to show you how shifting your self-image can create a profound impact in your business & personal life, and give you 10 actionable steps to create a powerful new self-image.

How Vulnerability Creates Influence


We live in a society that is quick to condemn and criticize you. So you would think that laying your burdens down in person is something you wouldn't want to do. My experience tells an entirely different story. Telling stories and connecting deeply is the new selling. Let me share with you how being open, unafraid and transparent, can be utilized to create a brand and grow genuine influence.

Love, Money, Work & Play


More than ever people are dreaming of starting a business at home. Women can be mothers, wives and business owners. Couples are becoming business partners. In this talk, I'll share with you the bold truth about combining Entrepreneurship with family life, and share with you 10 ways to increase your chances of creating lasting success, while maintaining love and happiness.

Branding & Monetizing Your Brilliance

Everyone has some magic, a . In this exciting talk, I'll share a simple 7-step strategy that will allow you to discover your core calling, and create a personal brand around doing what you love. You'll leave with a clear understanding of how to share & communicate your value to the world.

"Cindi's such an empathetic speaker. She was able to connect with my students and get them interested in topics that I didn't know they'd be receptive to. They were so engaged, and I absolutely plan to have her back very soon."

-Phillip Lowe. Teacher & Founder of Club Kool Initiative for Youth

"Cindi has a way of speaking to her audience that makes you feel like she's an insightful, yet down to earth friend. The knowledge, and the obvious passion she has for helping people achieve transformations in their lives and businesses comes through and it captivates. I'd certainly invite her back to speak again."

                           -April Woody. Marketing & Sales Strategist.