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Hey you. Know that I'm sending you tons of love & appreciate to have you as my guest.

Be sure to stop by my books page to pick up Lovely, Brave and Brilliant. I can say based on the messages and reactions I get, it's absolutely worth it!



Within every story, circumstance and situation, there are blurred lines between right and wrong. So my goal is to write stories that cause you to question your own beliefs, not to mention they should always entertain the hell out of you.

Starting June, 2017, I'll bring you "Captivate," weekly intense and thought-provoking short stories that will help you wind down your day. We'll explore joy, pain, love, hate, heartache, lust and even hopelessness. They're touching, sexy, and will leave you with a little something to make you think. Click the pic to read an excerpt, kick your feet up and zone out for the next few minutes.

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Excerpt - progress over perfection

Progress Over Perfection is a fresh, to-the-point productivity book for creatives, who deal with procrastination, fear or self-doubt and never really accomplish... well, shit. I've been that person and I know how frustrating it is. And I promise that you have the potential to turn your entire life into something more than a legacy of abandoned plans.

Now, I've written a best-selling book, and along with my husband, created 2 successful businesses. Through it all, I've had to overcome my own limiting beliefs and all of the lies that we tell ourselves, that stop us from being the person, that we know on some pure, unfuckwithable level, we're supposed to be. If that sounds like you, then welcome. This is where it changes. Check out this ecxerpt of Progress Over Perfection and get your life.

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You have to be willing to be wrong, in order to create. You breathe deep, let it out, and tell yourself "This is my gift. It's incredible. I see the love in it. Some people won't like it or understand. I don't give a shit."


You don't create for glory. You create because it's what you're moved to do.

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