I'm obsessed with flawed characters who have to go through the fire to come out better on the other side.




Women that are tough, independent and run their own lives, but are vulnerable and loving as well. Strong, yet damaged.


My stories are for people who don't just want a plot, but to fall in love (or hate) with a character. 


I write non-fiction for people going through their own struggles, but are determined to not only overcome it, but evolve in the process.

So now that you know about my books, here's some more about me. 

Born and raised in Chicago + Currently residing in Arizona + Married to my high school sweetheart + I have 2 amazing girls + I'm an Entrepreneur + My husband is my best friend + I'll drink tea over taking medicine any day + Cursing and meditating make me feel better + Optimistic to the point of insanity + BA in Mass Communication + I love romance, thrillers, and action + Screenwriting is my next big endeavor + I've made a habit of writing no less than 2000 words a day



Cindi's Favorite Things

Favorite Fiction Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Favorite Non-ficiton Book: The Power of Purpose by Les Brown. Runner up: Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

Top 5 Favorite Films: Love Jones, Cooley High, Troy, The Notebook & The Bourne Identity

You've got to watch: Stranger Things on Netflix - Creepy and Nostalgic at the same time. 

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