Books that help you discover and believe in the next best version of you. 

No more hesitating and hiding from your dreams. It's time to have the confidence, happiness & clarity you need to start living your ideal life!

Does it seem like there’s never a good time to finally say “yes” to your dreams? It’s as if somehow, as a woman with obligations, you don’t have the right to be fulfilled. “Lovely, Brave and Brilliant” dares to show you a different way; that you can be happy now, and start living a life that totally completes you, without fear or guilt or shame.

In this book, Author, Writer and Creative Strategist, Cindi C. Rose shares her 12 principles for creating the life you want, including:

  • Rituals to create deeper self-love, confidence and unbreakable self-esteem
  • A simple strategy for knocking out self-doubt and detoxing yourself of sabotaging beliefs
  • Some tips to help you tap into your intuition, so you can stop focusing on your shortcomings, and learn to completely trust yourself
  • 19 Lifestyle Design Exercises to help you get clear on your goals and your purpose, and create personal and financial success

Beginning with her own journey as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, Cindi guides you through the highs and lows of her transformation, to help you understand how to apply the concepts to your own life.

If you’ve ever wondered "Who am I to want something bigger for my life?” this book was designed to show you how you can take your power back.

“Lovely, Brave & Brilliant” invites you to assume that you are great and that you do deserve to live a big, incredible life. You’ll learn to find clarity, trust yourself and easily overcome struggle. Most importantly you’ll discover how to find and embrace the fierce, successful and powerful woman you were born to be. Fun, profound, straightforward and conversational, “Lovely, Brave and Brilliant” is a soulful, yet practical girlfriend's guide to conquering self-doubt, discovering your strength, and creating the exceptional life that you know you deserve to live.

5-Star Reviews for Lovely, Brave & Brilliant


If you are looking for something to motivate and push you into success, both personally and professionally, then get this book!" -Tiffany Morrison


The author was clearly reading my thoughts. So many times, I have given up everything for others while trying to balance and be a good person. This book helps you take those steps towards being a little selfish and investing in self." - Nicole Peters


I absolutely loved it! I feel that it has helped me "take my life back"!" - Alexia Richardson



I come from a place where self-help was not really a part of my vocabulary. But as I've grown and discovered who I was, it became a life-line for me. I created a workbook for Lovely, Brave & Brilliant, because I wanted to give the gift of action to inspire real change in your life. 

Words and motivation are great. But you'll discover your courage in the actions that you take.

Inside, you'll discover everything that LBB teaches, tips on creating courage, self-esteem and self-belief, but the workbook gives you a tool for mastery. If you can master yourself, then you can have it all. 


This lovely guided self-reflection journal is designed to help you create your life with intention. Each evening, take a few minutes to give gratitude for your blessings, celebrate your small successes, set some goals for the next day and create a vision for your future. Likewise, every morning you can make it a practice to declare your affirmations and set the tone for your day.

Great for people who want to journal, but don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to write. You can also use it with your daily planner for great results as well. This journal is wonderful gift to yourself or a friend or loved one who wants to focus on positivity and designing an incredible life.