Lovely, Brave & Brilliant: Let Go of Doubt & Uncertainty & Get What You Want Out of Life

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Lovely, Brave & Brilliant: Let Go of Doubt & Uncertainty & Get What You Want Out of Life

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Don't be mad at your mom. She only taught you the way she knew best. But ladies, we have to acknowledge that a lot of it what we're taught about life turns out to be pitifully wrong. 

You're told that going to school, working hard, getting married and starting a family is the path to happiness. Put others first and everything will magically work out for you.

It’s nonsense. Instead, you find yourself overwhelmed, unhappy and crying in a dark closet, wondering how much longer you can hold onto your sanity.

Yes, I've been there. I spent years moving passively through life, doing exactly what was expected of me. Resenting everything.

Here’s what I now understand. Fear of judgment and the need to please others will chip away at your identity.

The key is to reprogram your thoughts, habits, and beliefs so you can stop being passive and design your life, intentionally. This is how I mended what was broken in me. When you begin accepting & loving who you really are, nothing and no one can make you feel small again.

Now it's time for you to have your transformation. This is more than a book; its a journey filled with stories and exercises to help you design a life of purpose. A spiritual and practical girlfriend's guide to help you let go of fear, find your courage & end the painful inner conflict.

You can be happy, be a boss, be creative, be rich, and have it all, without being perfect. I'm excited for you. You're about to embark on a journey of falling crazy in love with your life.

A personal message from Cindi -

Hey you! Thanks for coming. I wanted to tell you personally, that I’ve packed this book with some amazingness. It’s all designed to really help you overcome the challenges you face as a modern woman, trying to do it all while caring for a family. Here’s what I discovered. The biggest threat to your happiness is living with the fear that if you show who you are, in all of your greatness and imperfection, then you won’t be accepted. This book will help you let go of that. I’ve included rituals to help you get clear on what you want, and exercises to help you cultivate deeper self-esteem. Your relationships will get better in ways you didn’t expect. You’ll finally have clarity and a clear sense of purpose. Enough talking. You’ve got some deep work to do with yourself. Click the “add to cart” button and get started!