How My Spiritual Practice Has Impacted My Life

8 changes I’ve noticed about myself since practicing consistent alignment.

I know that you hear so much stuff about being in alignment with spirit or source and the Law of Attraction - and you ask yourself “Does this stuff really work?” and “Am I doing it right?” You’ll know you’re there when you no longer have to ask.

These are some of the things I’ve noticed, and maybe some of you can relate. 

  1. I laugh more. Everything is so much more enjoyable, as if someone has turned on my HD for life.
  2. I cry easily. I’m affected by stories. I’m more empathetic. And when I’m really happy - more tears! 
  3. I love more. My husband. My family. Strangers. Everyone that I come in contact with. I can’t even explain.
  4. I’m more resilient. Opinions don’t affect me as much. I stress less, and when something makes me anxious (which still happens) I know how to perceive it differently so that its something I can easily handle. 
  5. I’m richer. I find money, save money, make money, attract more money - and sometimes its completely random - like you wouldn't believe. People give me discounts when I didn't even ask. The bank is waiving fees! LOL! I attract more people. I don’t have to wait for things as often as I used to. People come and pull me out of line to help me. 
  6. I see more. Things I never noticed before. My children are more amazing. My whole experience is richer. The sun is brighter, the moon is more majestic. Every star I see seems like it's gazing back at me. 
  7. I’m more grateful. Appreciation is this incredible, heartfelt experience. I don’t have to fake it. I feel it.
  8. I’m more me. I don’t try to reserve myself so much. I’m open, but I don’t feel vulnerable. I’m less of a bitch, and I don’t need a wall to protect me.

I know that people tell you to show gratitude and feel abundance.

But sometimes it's incredibly hard, especially if you may be struggling. It’s hard to apply instructional methods to feelings. But if you knew, really knew who you were, you would never doubt yourself.

I want to incorporate this in everything I do, every book I write, every program I create. I wish that I had known what this was like sooner. And I know, I’m only on the precipice. I know there is so much more I have to experience and I’m so looking forward to it all. 

I still have much to work on.

I still have very little patience with people. I don’t like small talk. I’m an introvert (well an INTJ). Indecisiveness still really annoys me. I still might be considered “a bitch.” But this experience has changed from something I wanted to experiment with into my life. It’s like I’m firmly on earth, but in my own atmosphere. If you have or are experiencing this, please share. If you want to experience it, tell me and I'll try to figure out how I can better explain this so that you can apply it to your life and business.