Video: How to Finally Get Results with Your Affirmations

So many people say they don't get results with their affirmations. But that depends on what you're looking for. Here's what to do: 

How to Get Results with Affirmations:

1. Have the right expectations. Affirmations alone aren't magic. They invoke the magic within you. 

2. Say them with feeling. Affirmations should be declarative statements, not just empty words.

3. Do them on a regular basis. They only work when you believe. Repetition is necessary to get this thing in gear.

4. Whatever you want to be externally, you must be internally first. That's where affirmations come in. 

My Daily Affirmations:

I am always happy and healthy and greet each day with excitement. 
I love myself and take good care of my body and my mind.
I appreciate my blessings, those that I've already received, as well as the blessings God has stored up for me.
I am ready, willing and able to receive all of the amazing blessings that I've imagined for my life. 
I know that if I ask and believe, I will most certainly receive. 

I am brave and go after my dreams with confidence and self-love.
I am skilled, talented and appreciated for my gifts and contributions
I don't need permission to be the person I feel called to be. 
I am secure and always believe in myself. 
I trust that I have a diving purpose to achieve all of my dreams and goals, and be a light to others and inspire them to do the same.

I declare money, wealth and prosperity into my life.
I am a successful ___ and am excited to earn a great living, doing what brings me joy. 
I have multiple streams of ever-growing income. 
Abundance comes to me easily. 
It feels wonderful to be rich and know that the Universe supports me.
I have good luck and am always successful in my business endeavors. 
I confidently and joyfully receive God's blessings in my life.

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