7 Ways any Woman Can Build Grit Fast And Achieve 1 Major Goal This Month

Let's talk about the real reason you're procrastinating. Maybe it's not cause you don't have time. Maybe you're just scared as hell. That's not an insult. That's just an observation from someone that's suffered from the fear of success, fear of failure, and anxiety as well. But I promise you, it's manageable. This is what you do to build that "do what I want to do anyway," backbone so you can start getting shit done.

How to Do The Thing You're Afraid to Do, Even in Your Dark Hour. - Part 1: Commit

Have you ever wanted to do something bigger, be someone stronger, smarter, richer - and simply leave a mark in the world? But you were dealing with circumstances in your life, that made you feel small and, well... the exact opposite of everything you wanted desperately to create. What if you committed to being great anyway, and being the person you want to be in spite of your circumstances? Let's commit together. Here's how.