Cindi C. Rose is an Author, Writer, Publisher and Founder of Ambition Crush. As a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, her purpose is to entertain, and tell stories that mirror life, and encourage people to dare to dream, then take the actions to make them true. 

Cindi's book, "Lovely, Brave and Brilliant," is an appeal to all women, especially women that have fallen into motherhood and family life before they fully learned to be an individual, to not give up on fulfilling their dreams out of an inflated sense of obligation. Instead, Cindi gives a play by play on how to navigate the insecurities, self-doubt, and disentangle yourself from society's expectations, and to recreate yourself as the person you feel divinely inspired to be. The underlying message is to step back into your power and learn to listen to your intuition, so you can finally start living a life of intention, instead of self-imposed "rules."

Cindi has been a guest on the "You Leading You" podcast, and her articles are featured in "Good Men Project," as well as "Positively, Positive." She runs her blog, Love C.C. Rose, for ambitious women, who want to write, film, freelance and create. 

Always a dedicated Entrepreneur, she, along with her husband, is the cofounder of Skale, a digital Advertising Network for Influencers, Artists and Emerging Brands. She is also the founder of Ambition Crush, a business and personal development network for female creatives and entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Chicago, she now resides in Phoenix, Arizona her with family where she is working on several projects, including a fiction novel and her next personal development book.


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